Saturday, August 2, 2008

Domestic Chaos

August is here and in Wyoming this is the time to replant your lawn. Since my lawn is a patch of weeds growing in sand, we made the big decision to roto-till it up, add lots of stuff, like actual topsoil from a bag, and replant. So my front yard is a muddy mess, but the bag of grass seed assures me I will have real grass in two weeks!

Other Big News--the kitten rescue! My tortoiseshell kitty Peaches had a litter since we were too late in getting her to the vet. She decided to have them in a crawl space that she got into from a five foot high shelf. Hmmm, we think, how will the baby kitties ever get out to find new homes?

I own two cats simply because, when people came to see them, they hid. The idea of adding six hidden cats to my household was not a pleasant thought.

So my oldest daughter(15 & 3/4yrs) came to the rescue. We would unbolt the access, and she would crawl through the 3 foot high space and bring the kittens out. YAY!

She dressed for the job in ragged blue jeans, knit winter gloves and a bandana to keep spiders out of her hair. We put a soft rag in a shoe box, so she could haul the kittens all at once.

My twins( 13 & 11/12ths yrs) took down the access and commence squealing. They hear the kittens!

Caitlin grabs an old Christmas tree in a thick trash bag, stored there for years, and leaps back! "Get me scissors!" she hollers .

She cuts open the bag, and there are the kittens, three gray tigers and one solid blue gray.

Mama and kittens are doing well in big box lined with a fleece blanket, in a closet.

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